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Chelsea VS Barca: A look at some of the most hilarious broadcasts and Pictures

Published April 19, 2012 by luchidotcom

The Chelsea/ Barca game has come and gone but not without its own drama.
It was a long awaited game and tensions were running high.Obviously most people,including yours faithful,thought Barca would emerge victorious but alas,fate proved us wrong as the Blues stood their ground against their formidable spanish opponent.

Just hours to the match my phone was barraged with different and hilarious broadcast messages about the match,mostly witty prayers by the chelsea fans.

Of course as it is expected lots of hilarious display pictures kept changing on BBM.

Here are some of the BC’s:

• PRAYER POINTS: The general overseer of Chelsea ministries int’l inc, the most venerable Bishop snr apostle evangelist Roman Abrahamovic a.k.a Babaolowo, otherwise known as “sign-today-sack-tomorrow” has called for a two day dry fasting against wickedness in high places come Wednesday night. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood (Messi, Xavi, Iniesta et al) but against principalities and powers in high places (Platini, UEFA and referees). We declare that every offside goal, every diving, every unwanted penalty, every undeserved red card, any ball-no-cross-line-referee-sey-na-goal against Chelsea die by firrrrrreeeeee! by fayayayayayaya!! IJN … oya egba adura!! Pray, Pray, Prayyyy!

•If you are a chelsea fan, married to a chelsea fan, related to a chelsea fan or howsoever wishes chelsea well, Please pray with me

The General Overseer of Chelsea Ministries Int’l Inc, Stamford Bridge London The Most Venerable Bishop Snr Apostle, Evangelist Roman Chinyeremobioma Abramovich a.k.a Talk na do, has called for a three days dry fasting against wickedness in high places come wednesday night.
For we wrestle not against mere mortals (messi, xavi, iniesta et al) but against immortals, principalities and powers (Platini, UEFA, and Ovrebo type of referees).
We declare that every offside goal, every diving, every unwanted penalty kick, every ball not cross the line is a goal, and every denial of awarding penalty when Drogba and the other 9 children of the ministries are pulled down inside 18 yard as penalty, die by fayafayayayayaya!!!!
We also declare tthat the spirit of Martin Atkinson shall possess the center referee, We also declare hamstring injury 4 Messi 6mins into d match,We also declare Iniesta’s dribbles 2 confuse nt only us bt all his team mates too,We also declare plenty ants 4 grass so Busquets won’t like 2 remain on floor too much, We also declare Puyol’s jerrycurl 2 enter his eyes during cornerkicks, lastly We also declare Drogba’s juju 2 flourish @ its peak today … AMENNNNNNNNO AMEN!!!

Do you think chelsea played well and deserved this victory?

Do you think they can claim another victory at Camp Nou.

See pictures below.

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Barca vs drogba

Barca vs drogba

chelsea fans taking a hit against Barca

chelsea fans taking a hit against Barca


Chelsea Vs Barcelona :Didier Drogba Fires Blues to Victory

Published April 18, 2012 by luchidotcom
man of the match

man of the match

Chelsea will be heading to Camp Nou with a lead in their UEFA Champions League tie after pulling off a fantastic 1-0 win over Barcelona on Wednesday night. The visitors created an incredible amount of chances and had an unbelievable 80 percent of the possession, but never found the back of the net. Didier Drogba scored the winning goal, capping off a brilliant counter in first half stoppage time.

Barca had 75 percent of the possession in the first 45 minutes and plenty of chances, the best of which was a bad miss by Cesc Fabregas on a wide open net in the 17th minute. Fabregas and Lionel Messi would force saves out of Cech later in the half, but they could never get one past him. It appeared that the two teams were going to coast into the half tied at 0-0 as stoppage time began, but then a strange sequence of events took place.

At the beginning of stoppage time, Messi lost his footing and went down awkwardly, appearing to injure himself. He continued to play, and shortly afterwards, gave the ball away to Chelsea. Frank Lampard instantly turned defense into attack with a terrific long ball to Ramires, who got away from everyone with a blistering run. He played a perfect cross to Drogba at the far post, and he finished off the chance to give Chelsea a stunning 1-0 lead heading into the break.

To cut the long commentary short, Chelsea take a vital 1-0 victory to the Camp Nou for the second leg. They deserve credit for how well they played, but it seemed like it was only by some kind of divine intervention that Barcelona failed to score.
Fantastic game in all and not even the rain and sloppy ground at Stamford Bridge could deter The Blues.