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NYSC To Redeploy Corpers Sent to Violent Northern States

Published July 5, 2012 by luchidotcom

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has given in and and will now be re-posting those 14, 850 corps members sent to volatile Northern states.

According to Punch, it has directed the affected corps members to report at the NYSC headquarters for redeployment to states considered safe.

“A statement by the Director-General of the NYSC, Brig.-General Nnamdi Okore-Affia, in Abuja on Wednesday, directed corps members posted to Bauchi, Gombe, Plateau, Kano and Kaduna states to immediately report to the NYSC headquarters for redeployment. This came barely 24 hours after an earlier insistence by the NYSC that corps members posted to the affected areas must first report to camp before requests for redeployment could be considered.

“Okore-Affia has also directed all those deployed in Yobe and Borno states to report to new orientation camps in Nasarawa and Benue states respectively.”

Text of statement:

This is to inform all prospective corps members deployed to Yobe and Borno states for the 2012 Batch ‘B’ Orientation Course to note the following: “Yobe State prospective corps members will now hold their orientation course at the Nasarawa State NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp, Keffi, Keffi LGA, and not as stated on their call-up letters. “Borno State prospective corps members will undertake their orientation programme at the Benue State NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp at Wanume, Tarka LGA, and not as stated on their call-up letters. “Date: Thursday 26th July-Thursday 16th August, 2012, as earlier published.

In addition, all 2012 Batch ‘B’ prospective corps members deployed to Bauchi, Gombe, Plateau, Kano and Kaduna states who have collected their call-up letters but are yet to report in camp should immediately report at the NYSC Directorate Headquarters, Abuja for redeployment.

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Shoot At Sight Order As Violence Hits Kaduna

Published June 17, 2012 by luchidotcom
ruins of ECWA after the blast

ruins of ECWA after the blast

ruins of shalom church

ruins of shalom church

As the death toll from today’s sectarian violence in Kaduna State continues to climb, law enforcement officers have been given orders to shoot any perpetrators of violence at sight.

Two senior police sources in Kaduna told SaharaReporters that more than 50 people have lost their lives in a spate of attacks and counter attacks by Muslims and Christians precipitated by bomb attacks at several churches in Kaduna and Zaria.

“The government wants us not to announce the real number of those killed, but I can assure you that more than fifty lives have been lost,” said one source. He added that hundreds of people had been wounded.

Another source added that people in most parts of the state were observing the curfew, but added that the level of tension remains “very high.”

Governor Patrick Yakowa of Kaduna had earlier declared a 24-hour curfew in the state with immediate effect.

Mr. Yakowa said it become imperative to declare the curfew considering the need to avoid escalation of violence. However, one of our police sources said that the order came after irate Christians had already taken to various streets in pursuit of Muslim targets.

Governor Yakowa has condemned the multiple bombs that targeted Christian worshipers this morning in the state. Mr. Yakowa also warned against reprisal attacks. He threatened that security operatives would deal with those seeking to take the law into their hands.

The governor’s statement, released by his media aide, Reuben Buhari, condemned “the unfortunate bombing of three churches in Wusasa in Zaria Local Government, Sabon Gari LG and Trikania, Chikun Local Government, Kaduna State.”

In declaring a curfew, the statement added: “In view of the incidents and the need to have complete normalcy and to forestall further break down of law and order, the State Government has imposed a 24 hour curfew in the whole state. The curfew hours start with immediate effect until further notice.” The statement regretted any inconveniences caused to residents of the state by the “drastic measure.”

Even so, the governor defended his action as a step “to avert further loss of lives and property in the state.”

Mr. Yakowa’s statement pleaded with the residents of Kaduna State to “ignore various mischievous texts messages currently in circulation.”

SaharaReporters learnt that the text messages galvanized members of both Islamic and Christian faiths to do battle with “common enemies.”

Via Sahara Reporters

At least 24 Dead, 125 wounded In Church Bombings And Reprisal Attacks In Kaduna

Published June 17, 2012 by luchidotcom

Daily Trust has confirmed that at least 13 people lost their lives in the bomb attacks on three churches in Kaduna this morning.


In addition, about 11 others have been killed in reprisal attacks across the town.


According to Dr. Taylor Adeyemi, the acting Chief Medical Director of St. Luke’s hospital in Wusasa, 40 victims, mostly children were brought into their hospital following the blast at ECWA in Wusasa. Of this number, three were dead on arrival.


From the blast at the Christ the King Cathedral at No. 80 Yoruba street Daily Trust confirmed 10 dead and over 50 injured. Daily Trust is yet to get details of the casualties from the Trikania attack.


Three churches were attacked this morning by suicide bombers in Kaduna. One went off at the Evangelical Church of West Africa (ECWA) church, Wusasa and another at the Christ the King Cathedral Catholic church at No. 80, Yoruba Street, Sabon Gari, Zaria, just behind the Army Depot, Zaria where all Nigerian soldiers receive their basic training. The third church, Shalom Church at Trikania close to Abuja Fly over and Textile Labour house, was hit by multiple explosions around 10:17am.


Also, about 35 victims of the reprisal attacks that followed the bombing have been taken to St. Gerard’s Hospital within the metropolis according to the hospitals public relations officer. Seven of them were dead on arrival, burnt by their presumed assailants.


The explosions sparked violence in Kaduna as christian youths retaliated, moving around with cutlasses and sticks among other weapons. Sources say the youths  burnt a mosque at Television area and another at Goningora was broken into and vandalised in retaliation for the attacks on the three churches.


Men of Operation Yaki are said to have taken charge of the situation, especially around Goningora which is along the Abuja-Kaduna expressway and where Christian youths were beginning to get violent. An eyewitness told Daily Trust he saw four dead bodies near the Goningora mosque. Other trouble spots so far identified are Sabo, Trikania, Television area, Tudun Wada and Unguwan Rimi.


Road blocks have been set up at strategic areas and traffic along the expressway which was initially halted is now being allowed with military escorts. Other areas of Kaduna metropolis are experiencing an uneasy calm.


The Abuja-Kaduna expressway links many states in the North to Abuja.

Via :Sahara Reporters

Opinion Article on ThisDay Bomb Blast:Should Security Agents Be Talking to the Press on Forensic Leads?

Published April 28, 2012 by luchidotcom

When I saw the news on the fresh lead found on Thisday bomb blast incident in Abuja,I was ecstatic and yes I should because as I mentioned in my earlier article,Nigeria has never had much in terms of forensic analysis/investigation.

But with this new found knowledge of the Nigerian investigative system came another question;was it really necessary going public with this fresh lead?

I am a huge fan of investigative novels and movies and one vital ingredient to a crime scene is forensic, another is information and one’s ability to shut up.

The first quality our security agents have just discovered while they are yet to understand the implications of not being able to keep their gobs shut about informations gathered in an on going investigation.

Twin bomb blast went off on thursday in two different states of the federation,by saturday its all over the news that the bombers cell phone has been found in the car he used to attack.

Now lets take a look at this case from different angles:

Suicide bombers are known not to take any accessory or whatsoever that could link the crime to them or their group.
In which case the car and phone may not even be his.He may have stolen it just before the attack; before the owner lodges a complaint with the Nigerian Police Force-criminals do know the importance of good timing.

Now on the other hand,if this breed of terrorists are stupid enough to attack in a car that belong to any member of the terrorist group and even displayed some amount stupidity by handling a cell phone.

Do our security agents really have to go to press with this new information?They have disclosed how green they are to forensic investigation.

If you are an avid reader of crime stories- and off course there would always be forensic analysts and head of the investigative team addressing the press-the answer is and always will be some thing along the line of “yes we do have a lead but its too early to conclude just yet”. They don’t blow off their lead(s) for the press to publish in their dailies.

Now that is the kind of intelligence I was expecting from our own security agents.Not blowing off their own trumpet to the press at the slightest opportunity they get.

This information is now public,no thanks to our over zealous investigative team,pray tell what edge do they have in this case?

I can see the cowardly Boko Haram sect taking precautionary measures.And you bet they won’t be broadcasting what it is unlike our green rookies.

Forensic investigation and analysis,hoarding of information in a high profile crime case like should not be taken lightly.It is the only weapon wield by the investigator and shouldn’t be released at any cost until the time is right.

And this is definitely not the time right time.

Whitney Houston died,for example, but forensic report on her death wasn’t released the next day. They had to do a clean job first in order to have an impeccable result.

Just imagine if after all said and done the cell phone didn’t belong to the bomber! How embarrassing that would turn out to be!

Come to think of it,have they condoned off the premises of ThisDay and every other crime scene related to the bomb blast? At least for the time being.

I would advise that they smarten up and do their jobs properly. Many lives depend on it.

FLASH:Bomb Blast in Abuja, Kaduna

Published April 26, 2012 by luchidotcom

A bomb have gone off in the This Day office Abuja.Fire service men and Paramedics are currently at the scene giving treatment to the injured.No statistics on the number of people injured or dead yet.

Ten minutes later another explosion was heard.This time
on a building close to This Day News Paper office, Kaduna.10 people confirmed dead at the time of this report.

More details and pictures soon